Under our Concierge LP Appointment Service, we schedule private one-to-one GP LP introductions, either virtually or by LP office visit.


We are not placement agents. Nor are we conference organizers. Rather our business model stems from Randy Mitchell's decade being the U.S. Government Representative for the private equity and venture capital industry where he developed the global LP network on behalf of the U.S. government.


Based on your interests in meeting LPs in a particular city, we work with you to schedule introductory face-to-face LP meetings under our Concierge LP appointment setting service, which also works in a virtual format. 


You specify to us the dates and places you are seeking to meet LPs. You provide us an introductory paragraph about your firm. We reach out to all LPs in our database, which we have been cultivating these past eleven years. We cast a wide net. Concierge is not matchmaking. We schedule the time for those LPs who wish to meet with you and present you with a final schedule along with LP profiles.


Our Virtual Concierge LP Appointments are ideal for a brand-building exploratory call with LPs, especially in regulatory-heavy jurisdictions.


The cost of Concierge is US$5,750 per month cancellable any time with a 30-day notice. 


We are not placement agents. PCD compensation is neither commission-, nor success,- nor transaction-based. We work on a best-effort basis. References are available upon request. Generally, 40-50% of GPs with whom we work are longer-term, repeat clients.


Click here to see a list of LP meetings we have arranged for GPs over the past 36 months.


Click here to see a list of GP fund managers who have benefitted from LP introductions made by Randy Mitchell 2010-2022.


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I can enthusiastically say that it’s been great to work with Randy over this last year and the Concierge planning was meticulously well organized.

Dave McClure & Stephanie Shorter Practical VC

I have worked with many different types of LP intermediaries, and I can say that you have done a great job securing top LP participants.

Steve Brotman Alpha Venture Partners

Our recent Concierge LP Appointment Setting Service to the Nordics was exceptional. As a first time infrastructure fund, we were delighted to have the quality interactions we had with such a high caliber group of LPs.

Maria Rengifo Ember Infrastructure

Really appreciate your Concierge intros so far, they have been quality ones. Thank you!

A Silicon Valley Early-Stage VC