We organize small-group GP delegations to travel for LP meetings across multi-day, multi-city journeys.  


PartnerQuest is an all-inclusive, white-glove, travel arrangement where all details have been arranged and handled on behalf of the traveling GP delegation.


During our 4-hour sessions in each city, each GP sits for a private 15-minute conversation with each LP.


Our sessions are deliberately small, with a maximum of ten fund managers.


There are:

  • no sponsors,
  • no service providers,
  • no curated panel discussions,
  • no keynote speeches,
  • just LPs and GPs getting to know each other.

Each PartnerQuest journey is all-inclusive of regional travel/logistical costs:

  • lodging,
  • program meals,
  • group ground transportation,
  • domestic air/rail travel,
  • expedited passport control where available,
  • VIP airline check-in,
  • VIP hotel check-in,
  • VIP baggage handling,
  • LP meeting venue arrangements,
  • all logistics from start to finish.


Included in your PartnerQuest experience:
  • Guaranteed face-to-face meetings with each LP in attendance;
  • Brand-building: 
      • In advance of your PartnerQuest experience, individually tailored email messages on your behalf sent to each invited LP which can include a link to a thought-leadership piece developed by your firm;
      • At the beginning of each PartnerQuest session, from the podium, you have the opportunity to present a direct investment to the captive audience of LPs and GPs;
      • Via the LP GP roundtable, you will answer a pre-determined question and respond to any LP queries to your response;
  • During your PartnerQuest experience, you will spend ample time with fellow LP and GP travelers in "planes, trains, and automobiles," perfect for spontaneous relationship-building discussion. 
      • For example, hotel breakfasts, flights/rail, shared rides to stations, sitting together in airport/rail business class lounges, etc.
  • Lack of distractions, thus undivided attention of LP participants:
      • In each PartnerQuest session, there are no:
          • Service providers
          • Sponsors
          • keynote speeches
          • curated panels
          • PowerPoint
  • You receive contact information for everyone you meet during your PartnerQuest experience.
  • A hassle-free travel experience enables you to focus on what's important. Your PartnerQuest fee includes:
      • Lodging
      • Program meals
      • Regional air/rail between program cities
      • Group ground transportation
      • Advance check-in with boarding passes
      • VIP hotel arrival
  • On-the-ground support by owners with commercial diplomacy backgrounds who are determined to ensure satisfaction by all participants (in contrast to a sizeable conference-organizing conglomerate sending staff people to support their events.)
  • An individual leads your PartnerQuest experience with 11 years of experience, thus benefitting you from his established LP relationships, LP insights, and LP introductions.   
  • The above at approximately USD4,750 per day


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