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Concierge LP Appointments

We facilitate first meetings between GPs and LPs.  We do this by way of our GP Informational Roadshows (see below), of which we have done 120 sessions in 43 cities on six continents, thus facilitating thousand+ new GP LP relationships.


Under our Concierge Appointment Setting Service, we work with GPs and LPs to schedule in-office or telemeetings.


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GP Informational Roadshows

"Every successful investment journey begins with finding a solid travel companion.

Nicole Davis, Mercato Partners, Salt Lake City


GP Informational Roadshows are a frictionless comprehensive, multi-day, multi-city initiative for fund managers to meet institutional LP investors in financial hubs for senior-level discussion on private capital investing in high growth markets. With PCD as convener of stature and with the support of local institutions, Informational Roadshows play an important role in developing the asset class and building greater connectivity between private capital fund managers and international LP investors. This is not a fundraising marketing roadshow, nor a conference, rather a journey. Inherently selective, Informational Roadshows are small, intimate gatherings designed to be value-adding and informative for all participants. Typically an Informational Roadshow consists of fewer than 10 fund managers (of which 40% are past participants).  Each session generally has between 5 and 9 LPs.



Since launching Informational Roadshows, a closed-door, intimate forum in LP hubs across the globe for senior-level practitioners to discuss private capital investing in high growth markets, the PCD team has facilitated:


  • 4,281 private one-to-one LP:GP meetings in
  • 43 cities in
  • 120 sessions with 
  • 600+ institutional limited partner investors on behalf of
  • 200+ fund managers from 10+ countries


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"I have worked with many different types of LP intermediaries, and I can say that you have done a great job securing top LP participants" Steve Brotman, Alpha Venture Partners 6 December 2019
"Thank you for organizing the meeting, I found it very interesting and useful. I was impressed by the high quality of funds you had picked to join this trip. The format as such works well." Helsinki-based family office April 2019

"It was great meeting you last Friday. Thanks so much for the opportunity. As I mentioned I was very impressed by the quality and uniqueness of your partners." Werner, Zurich-based family office April 2019

“I was favorably impressed with the excellent content and organization of the program. You were able to attract LPs which I might not have been able to meet otherwise.” -  NYC based emerging market GP

“We appreciate the fund managers traveling into Oslo to see us. This is a highly efficient use of our time and, of course, does not require travel on our part. Thank you. Come back soon with even more GPs next time.” - Norwegian institutional LP investor

“We like the format, and the way you carefully considered LPs' time and constraints. We brought two team members from our office to participate, which was helpful for our small team. We found this a highly useful session.” - Danish family office investor

"I think it provided a very useful mode of interaction between LP’s and GP’s in a much more direct way than is really possible at a Conference.  It also allows the ability to be more focused in terms of which Region LP’s we would like to meet, but also from the LP side, which type of GP’s they would like to meet.  In addition, it was also a lot of fun and I felt the GP’s actually learnt a lot from each other on the trip."  GP

“You make it very easy to get from point A to point B. From the plane to the bus to the hotel, this is the most efficient process!” –GP

“The one-on-one meetings are my favorite, LPs are able to relax while GPs move around--creates a casual setting where I can introduce myself to the LP.” –GP

“I do not even need to leave my table in this room to meet all the GPs in one morning, this is incredible!” –Zurich-based LP

“This is such a neat experience for institutions like the one I represent, and what a unique program. I appreciate you all very much for coming to Chicago!” –Chicago Policemen Pension

"The organization was flawless and the experience was very interesting and helpful in understanding better the environment and opportunities for our future fund raising"  GP

"Very well organized. Everything was thought about in advance and all potential issues had been anticipated, identified and resolved in advance." GP

"The team organized an excellent schedule which combined a great blend of talking points in an overall forum, in-person LP interaction and informal dialogue. Happy to have participated!" - Srinivas Chidambaram, Managing Director, Jacob Ballas Capital India

“This was a whole new level of engagement. We look forward to joining again in the future.” - Sunil Chawla, Partner, Jacob Ballas Capital India

“This gave us a great opportunity to meet and engage with key investors in a region that we have not previously covered actively. It was well-organized and we had valuable interactions with investors and even other GPs.” - Emile du Toit, Head of Infrastructure Investments, Harith General Partners worked with many different types of LP intermediaries, and I can say that you have done a great job securing top LP participants