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GP Informational Roadshows

"Every successful investment journey begins with finding a solid travel companion.

Nicole Davis, Mercato Partners, Salt Lake City


GP Informational Roadshows are a frictionless comprehensive, multi-day, multi-city initiative for fund managers to meet institutional LP investors in financial hubs for senior-level discussion on private capital investing in high growth markets. With PCD as convener of stature and with the support of local institutions, Informational Roadshows play an important role in developing the asset class and building greater connectivity between private capital fund managers and international LP investors. This is not a fundraising marketing roadshow, nor a conference, rather a journey. Inherently selective, Informational Roadshows are small, intimate gatherings designed to be value-adding and informative for all participants. Typically an Informational Roadshow consists of fewer than 10 fund managers (of which 40% are past participants).  Each session generally has between 5 and 9 LPs.



Since launching Informational Roadshows, a closed-door, intimate forum in LP hubs across the globe for senior-level practitioners to discuss private capital investing in high growth markets, the PCD team has facilitated:


  • 4,081 private one-to-one LP:GP meetings in
  • 43 cities in
  • 115 sessions with 
  • 600+ institutional limited partner investors on behalf of
  • 200+ fund managers from 10+ countries


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