How many fund managers have worked with PCD?

Since 2018, PCD has worked with 90+ fund managers introducing those GPs to LPs in 80+ cities on 6 continents.

What does a Manager Spotlight look like?

We recently hosted a delegation of institutional and private wealth investors in Tokyo for a fund manager client where we discussed AI and Machine learning followed by a cocktail reception. We curated an intimate group of 27 investors eager to learn more about our fund manager. 

Do you organize country-specific bespoke activities?

Yes, we have collaborated with local governments in the past who are looking to circulate awareness of their market of fund managers as well as in cases where international investors are interested in exploring foreign markets. 

As an example, we have worked with the government of Scotland to secure private wealth investors to tour various local institutions and meet relevant fund managers. And, we are happy to have contributed to the majority of investors in attendance. 

Does PCD host conferences?


Where is PCD based and what are the operating hours?

PCD is based in the Washington DC metropolitan area. Our team members are located across the US, Central Europe, and the Nordics. Because of our diverse team, we can address your needs across multiple time zones.

What can I expect from engagement in a Concierge Service?

Based on our tiered outreach system and personal relationships with our LP network, we arrange both in-person and virtual meetings between you and the LP or relevant interested party. To learn more about the process and detailed deliverables contact us through our contact form or reach out to for more information. 

The origin of Private Capital Development

Navigating Capital, Building Legacies

Meet Irina, a seasoned professional adept in logistics, program management, operations, finance, and international market access. Her career spans the U.S. Department of Commerce and the CRDF, where she refined her skills in logistics facilitation, forging pathways for businesses through the intricacies of global trade. Irina’s deep understanding of international markets forms the bedrock of Private Capital Development's unwavering commitment to navigating financial landscapes with precision.

By her side is Randy, a distinguished figure in commercial diplomacy and finance. Serving as the U.S. Government Representative for the Private Capital industry, Randy spearheaded initiatives that extended across borders, directing capital flows to fortify U.S. diplomatic relationships. His vision laid the groundwork for Private Capital Development's role as trusted financial architects and builders of enduring relationships.

Together, with their dedicated team, the Private Capital Development unit embody the spirit of multi-generational innovation. This synergy propels Private Capital Development forward with a shared ethos—guided by ethical, transparent, and reliable practices—continuing to uniquely support limited partner clients and general partner customers.

Private Capital Development transcends a mere entity; it's a steadfast partner on the brand-building journey. Care is woven into every strategy, personalization resonates in every client interaction, and integrity forms the backbone of every introduction and connection. The legacy crafted by Irina and Randy is a testament to the enduring power of trust, innovation, and the pursuit of excellence.

Join Private Capital Development on a journey where history, care, and multi-generational expertise converge, shaping a future where brand-building and private capital relationship-building are as limitless as the visionaries who initiated it all.

PCD Employee Photos (5)

Randy Mitchell

Chief Development Officer

Randy Mitchell has mobilized private capital, making personal one-to-one LP to GP introductions through immersive investment experiences for 20 years. Randy catalyzed LP and GP delegations into key global markets as the U.S. government official responsible for the private capital industry from 2004 to 2014, at a non-profit industry trade association from 2014-2018, and Private Capital Development LLC since 2018.

PCD Employee Photos (6)

Irina Mitchell

VP Programs & Operations

Irina brings over 10 years of experience in the design and implementation of entrepreneurship and local investment capacity development programs, including five years in blended learning and instructional design. Previously, she worked with SMEs on international market access, trade, and logistics facilitation at the U.S. Department of Commerce.

Irina's former positions include Program Lead at the EMPEA Institute, Program Manager at CRDF, and International Trade Specialist with the U.S. Government. She also served as Director of Operations at AEN.


Erik Streed

Federal Advisor

With 21 years of federal government experience, Erik Streed has been mobilizing public and private capital into clean and renewable energy and sustainable development projects and programs across multiple federal departments and agencies, including the Departments of Agriculture, Commerce, Homeland Security, and State.   

Erik is a certified manager of Federal Contracts and Federal Grants. He has procured and managed over US$200 million in Federal contracts and US$50 million in Federal grants. 


Catharina Kronstrom

Nordic Client Advisor

As an integral former member of the Commercial Service at the U.S. Embassy Stockholm, Catharina advises PCD and our clients during the ideation and construction of our Manager Spotlights and other Nordic-based events.


Oksana Mitchell

Investor Relations I Client Operations Manager


Adrian Geming

Business Development Associate

Clara Collins

Executive Assistant