Who We Are

Randy Mitchell

Randy Mitchell, Chief Development Officer

Thanks to the foresight of George W. Bush Administration official's Doug Baker and Grant Aldonas, for the first time, a federal civil service position was created to oversee trade strategy for the private equity and venture capital industry. With a blank canvas, as the U.S. Government Representative for the Private Equity and Venture Capital industry, I set out to design an initiative to drive inward flows of committed capital to U.S. GPs by way of trade missions.  In the first four years, we drove inward foreign commitments of greater than US$1 billion to be managed by U.S. GPs, an export of U.S. financial services.  The trade mission initiative for U.S. GPs continues today. 


Today, Private Capital Development LLC builds on my decade of introducing LPs to GPs.  We work with family office and institutional LP investors, GPs, governments, development finance institutions, and non-profit industry trade associations to mobilize private capital.  LPs like our formats for making introductions to GPs whom they might not otherwise meet.  GPs benefit from a unique "Rolodex" built on a decade of diplomatic relationship building with LPs.  Both seem to appreciate that we are not a placement agent.


Overall, 250+ GPs around the world have benefitted from our direct introductions to thousand+LPs.


Irina Mitchell

Irina Mitchell, VP Programs &

Irina has 10+ years of experience in design and implementation of entrepreneurship and local investment capacity development programs with five years experience in blended learning and instructional design.


At the U.S. Department of Commerce, Irina worked with SMEs on international market access, trade and logistics facilitation.


Former positions include: Program Lead, EMPEA Institute. Program Manager, CRDF. International Trade Specialist, U.S. Government, Director of Operations (AEN).

Robert W. Van Zwieten

Robert W. Van Zwieten Senior Advisor

30+ years of experience in global financial markets, of which 20 years in emerging markets, investing (ADB), lending (ABN AMRO Bank), borrowing (GE Capital) and leading the development of the EM private capital industry (EMPEA).


Former positions include: President & CEO, EMPEA. Director- Private Sector Capital Markets, AsDB. COO, Asian hedge fund. CFO & EVP, Singapore Exchange. CAO, Lehman Brothers. Global Treasurer, GE Energy. Treasurer Asia, GE Capital. Head of Global Clients Asia, ABN AMRO.


PE experience at AsDB: led LP investments in US$ 1 billion PE funds portfolio, with 47 funds invested in 420 portfolio companies; incubated 3 new PE funds and 3 non-bank financial institutions; raised US924 million in third-party commitments; led 12 exits.

Stephen Eastham

Stephen Eastham Senior Advisor

30+ years of experience in international economic development project management (USAID).12 years of founding and building start-up leasing and financial services business culminating in IPO.Former positions include: Team Leader, USAID Enterprise Investment Funds. Team Leader, USAID’s Enterprise Legacy Foundations. Director, USAID’s Office of Private Sector Investment, President , Finalco Group Inc.