LP Learning Journeys


Institutional investors globally face challenges when investing outside their home markets.  Part of the challenge is simply gaining comfort with a market.  A great way to gain comfort is to visit the market and experience immersive learning of the private capital ecosystem.  To that end, Private Capital Development has designed the LP Learning Journey.  The Learning Journey was designed to address the following for example:

"In answering the question, what keeps us up at night, it is investing outside of geographic or legal structures that we probably don't understand as well as we might our home turf.  It’s not a matter of finding good managers who might be providing exceptional alpha in their asset class, it’s all the other stuff culturally that surrounds them that keeps me awake."  Stuart Mason, CIO of the University of Minnesota

"We have been actively seeking what I believe are emerging hubs of innovation, or emerging ecosystems.  In venture for example it’s not only China developing dramatic venture activity, but when you think about what is going on in Berlin, or in London, or for that matter Israel for example there are great new venture activity hubs.  In Private Equity, London again is emerging with many good PE managers.  We were also surprised of late to find very good PE activity in the Nordics.  There are some fabulous managers there.  In, MENA, in Sub-Sahara Africa, all presenting very viable sources of good returns, different from traditional U.S. based managers."  Stuart Mason, CIO of the University of Minnesota

To increase institutional investor awareness and to provide LPs with valid and relevant information about the business and investment climate; market trends, etc. the Learning Journey has been designed to involve a small delegation of LPs convened from around the world for frictionless visits to key markets for multi-day, multi-city immersive programs during which LPs have a chance to learn about relevant business/legal/regulatory environment, meet with fund managers, peer LPs and other relevant ecosystem stakeholders such as:

  • Securities regulators
  • Central or reserve bank
  • Competition Commission/ Merger Control
  • Ministry of Economy
  • Ministry of Finance
  • Stock markets
  • Private equity backed portfolio companies
  • Local institutional LP investors
  • Ministry of Labour (pensions)