Private Capital Development

Connecting GPs and LPs, one relationship at a time.

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Private Capital Development LLC helps fund managers and investors find each other and build mutually beneficial relationships.

Private Capital Development LLC is a company dedicated to facilitating connections between private capital fund managers and institutional and family office limited partners (LPs).

We understand the importance of building strong relationships between general partners (GPs) and LPs, and we are committed to introducing them to each other and facilitating connections that might not have been made otherwise. In the past 36 months, we have successfully facilitated over 1,000 new GP-LP relationships across six continents.

Our services offer value to both GPs and LPs. For GPs, we provide access to a wider pool of potential investors and the opportunity to build meaningful relationships with LPs. For LPs, we offer the chance to be introduced to a diverse range of GP fund managers, enabling them to make informed decisions about where to allocate their capital.

Unlike placement agents, we are not paid on success and are not involved in the sale of securities. Our services are paid for by GPs, but the benefits to LPs are clear. We are dedicated to helping GPs and LPs build mutually beneficial relationships and grow their businesses. Thank you for considering Private Capital Development LLC for your connection needs.

Investor Immersions

Investor Immersions is a series of themed multi-day programs that offer family offices an unparalleled opportunity to gain in-depth insights into the U.S. federal funding landscape, connect with leading fund managers and companies in relevant sectors, and network with peer family offices from around the globe. These unique immersive programs help family offices make informed investment decisions, explore potential partnerships, benefit from federal leverage, and position your family office for success.

Clean Energy Economy

May 7-9 2024

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Investor Immersions Washington, DC

Clean Energy Economy

7-9 May, 2024

Aerospace, Cybersecurity, Defense & Intelligence

10-12 September, 2024

Health Tech

19-21 November, 2024